Chief Instructor - Laszlo Butty

SLY Taekwon-do Self-DefenceAs a young child, not only was Laszlo keen on freestyle BMXing he had a real passion to get involved with Martial Arts. He was enrolled in a wrestling class to start with, but this did not match what he was looking for. Laszlo later did Judo which for him was like wrestling. His childhood friend then suggested that he tries Kickboxing, which he started in 1989 but once again this was not the right one for him. By chance Laszlo came across Taekwondo in 1990 and connected with it straight away. During his time training Taekwondo, the instructors taught Laszlo the basics and the knowledge base which in turn led him to train 5 times a week at 2 hours each time.

SLY Taekwon-doLaszlo continued to train and over the years he learnt the patterns, stances and style, progressed through the belts and by 1998 he had achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt, Laszlo also became the Vice President of this Martial Arts School. At his suggestion this School started to teach children with his leading the class. During this time his students reached many remarkable results both at National and International competitions. They also went on to compete in other sports and excelled. In 2000 Laszlo started to train with Pak Bang Pok (6th Dan) and Chon Choi Jun (6th Dan) from North Korea. With their teaching and guidance he learnt Korean style workout training which further enhanced how he teach today.

During this time and alongside his training he was also completing his university studies as a Information Technology Engineer (2002) and Economist (2006) and also actively participated in the release in Hungary the ITF Taekwondo Book. Laszlo has achieved many awards and honours throughout his Taekwon-do career. He has competed in both national and international tournaments over the years and has achieved many titles.

Laszlo continued to train and teach in Hungary until 2013 which is when he then moved to the UK. Laszlo began as an instructor in Taekwondo at a London club in 2014 teaching at two different venues with varying levels of students, helping them to progress. In 2015, with his wife's support Laszlo started his own Taekwondo School as SLY Taekwondo which currently he has training sessions at several locations with the intention of opening further schools. Not only do he runs the schools he also provides private lessons. He tailors his training to students of different levels and abilities to ensure they are achieving the best possible outcomes.