About US

Advanced TaeKwon-Do InternationalSLY Taekwon-do is a Traditional Taekwon-do Martial Art School where children have fun developing focus, confidence, discipline and self control while learning Taekwon-do. Our Taekwon-do School follows the foundation laid down by General Choi Hong Hi.

SLY Taekwon-do is member of the Advanced TaeKwon-Do International (ATI) what was founded by Grand Master James Lim and the Advanced Taekwon-do Europe (ATEU) as well.

Advanced Taekwon-do EuropeGM Lim kept in mind Taekwon-do founder General Choi Hong Hi's guidlines (movements, techniques and rules) at ATI founding. His aim is to create an effective combat system that is highly suitable for self-defense, personal, mental and physical development and best of all, allows practitioners to continue the advanced training into their senior age without worrying about damage to their joints and muscles.

This was the reason our school joined ATI. Our instructors are fully qualified Instructors with ATI. All instructors undergo training which includes teaching techniques, child safety, first aid and an enhanced CRB check.